Community Service Overview

“If I, therefore, the Master and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet.

I have given you a model to follow so that as I have done for you, you should also do.”

--John 13:14-15


Jesus’ call to serve one another is the basis of the community service requirement at Father Lopez Catholic High School. Community service involves serving others for the benefit of the common good without seeking any form of compensation. Through service, we show our love for God and for one another as we put our faith into action and encounter the living Christ in the people we serve while inviting them to encounter the living Christ within us.


It is our hope that this requirement will help create the good habit of lifelong service to others.


Student Requirements:

Students who have attended Father Lopez all four years will need 100 hours of community service to graduate. There is a minimum requirement that should be completed by the end of each year. The schedule is as follows: Freshman: 15 hours; Sophomores: 20 hours; Juniors: 25 hours;

Seniors: 40 hours.


All hours are cumulative, therefore they can be completed ahead of schedule and will count towards the total of 100 hours. 


Transfer Students: 

If a student transferred to Father Lopez any time after the first semester of freshman year, they are not held responsible for the previous year’s requirements. However, we encourage all students to work towards a minimum of 100 hours to satisfy the Bright Futures 100% requirement. Adjusted requirements begin second semester freshman year and are as follows: 


Transferred In: Yearly Requirement: Graduation Requirement:
2nd semester Freshman 7.5 hours 92.5 hours
1st semester Sophomore 20 hours 85 hours
2nd semester Sophomore 10 hours 75 hours
1st semester Junior 25 hours 65 hours
2nd semester Junior 12.5 hours 52.5 hours
1st semester Senior 40 hours 40 hours


The following guidelines have been established to ensure that community service remains faithful to the mission of Father Lopez Catholic High School:

  • All work must be done for non-profit organizations such as churches, schools, public service agencies, and environmental groups. The easiest way to establish if it fits the criteria would be to ask the following questions:
      • Is it a non-profit organization or service agency?
      • Does it further the corporal works of mercy?
        • Corporal Works of Mercy are acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs. They are: feed the hungry; shelter the homeless; clothe the naked; visit the sick and imprisoned; bury the dead; give alms to the poor.
      • Does it further Catholic Social Teaching?
      • Is it an organization that exists to profit the owners, such as a family business? If so, it would not fit the criteria.**
        **Exceptions will be considered at the discretion of the Vice Principal or Campus Minister.
  • Each student must be responsible, honest, dependable, and punctual while representing Father Lopez.
  • Students can earn hours at any time, including the summer preceding the school year.
  • Hours are cumulative—additional hours will be applied to subsequent yearly requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to return accurate documentation as soon as the service is completed.
  • Forms can be found below and on the Community Service bulletin board.
  • If a student does not meet the minimum hours required for the year, they are in danger of being held out of all extra-curricular activities, including teams and clubs. This will remain in effect until the service is complete and documentation is submitted.
  • Service performed at Father Lopez will only be accepted towards fulfillment of community service at the discretion of the Vice Principal or Campus Minister.
  • Community Service hours done for a club or honor society may be counted towards the total hours needed for graduation. 
  • Community Service hours also serve to qualify students for a Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship which requires seventy-five (75) documented hours.
  • Students are encouraged to continue community service even when their minimum requirement is met!