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Tuition & Fees

Schedule of Tuition and Fees for the

2019-2020 School Year


Explanation of Fees:


As per Diocesan mandate, all tuition payments are processed via FACTS management system. Only one Father Lopez Catholic FACTS enrollment is required per family if the same bank account and withdrawal date is used.

Catholic: $10,600.00

Catholic: Registered, actively supporting member of a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Orlando. Must provide a Parish Verification Form submitted by your Pastor.

Non-Catholic: $11,300.00

Non-Catholic: Not registered or a non-supporting member of a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Orlando.



Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable) Note: Max family fee is 500.00 if multiple children attend Lopez.

$300 per family if paid in full before March 30, 2019

$350 per family (standard rate) if paid in full after March 30, 2019


Additional Costs:

Other costs associated with Father Lopez Catholic High School are as follows:

1. Books, materials, Locks, Parking Spots (If applicable)

2. Technology: 1 device with a 7” screen or larger (Includes laptops)

3. Lunch Accounts (Provided by Chef Ray)

4. Transportation via bus if applicable.

5. Uniforms (Purchased through Lands’ End Uniforms)