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About The Lopez Fund

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The Lopez Fund is an annual fundraising effort to assist with the annual operating budget for the school. The Lopez Fund is unrestricted annual giving. It is the vehicle by which alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends provide financial support to help keep Lopez strong. Contributions to The Lopez Fund represent real savings for our students and their families.

These funds will support all areas of Father Lopez Catholic High School, including religious activities, curricular enhancements, technology upgrades, campus improvements and classroom supplies. Please join us and help us reach 100% participation from the entire school community!  By making your gift today, you are helping Lopez stay faithful to its mission and continue building tomorrow’s leaders. We thank you for your prayers and your consideration of a donation to The Lopez Fund.


What is The Lopez Fund?

This is a yearly fundraising effort to assist with the annual operating budget at Father Lopez Catholic High School.

Doesn’t tuition cover the cost of educating each student?

No. Like most Catholic schools that strive to serve a diverse community, we have a significant gap between tuition revenue and the higher cost of educating each student.

Why not increase tuition to cover this gap?

Seven out of every ten students attending Father Lopez receive some form of tuition discount or tuition assistance. Increasing tuition by such a large amount would drastically change the composition of our student body, placing the hope of a Father Lopez education out of reach for many families. Enrollment would decline, and all aspects of the school would be compromised. With many fixed costs being shared among a smaller enrollment, tuition would increase more than the $2,000 figure in order to make ends meet.

How much should I give?

No gift is too large or too small. We are always seeking 100 percent participation among our various constituencies. A high-level of stakeholder participation improves our chances when applying for grants and additional funding from foundations and other organizations.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?

Yes. Father Lopez is a not-for-profit corporation in Florida. The school operates in conformance under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, gifts to the school are tax-deductible provided that the donor receives no goods or services from the school in consideration of the donation. Remember, your gift is tax deductible; tuition is not.

When should I give?

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. All gifts will be acknowledged in writing by the school president, and all donors will be listed in the Annual Report for that fiscal year.

 How can I make a gift to The Lopez Fund?

Click on the button below to make a gift online, or you may send a check made payable to “The Lopez Fund” directly to the school.

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