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Student Devices

Father Lopez Catholic High School is committed to keeping our students on the cutting edge of 21st century learning. With a focus on digital literacy, ethics and citizenship, we will be weaving specific projects, assemblies and information educating our students  on these topics throughout the school year. We expect, and will help guide students in making good choices while on the device, as it is used for academic purposes. While on campus, we require all students to be on our filtered WIFI, therefore a 4G device is not recommended.

With teacher approval students will be able to use their devices in the classroom to access and save information from the internet, access Google Suite, collaborate with other learners, and utilize various productivity and academic tools and apps.

Father Lopez Catholic High School is a 1 to 1 chromebook school. Every student is assigned a school managed device. This not only provides us with a secure network but also guarantees that our instructors can give the necessary support to the needs of each student. 

.Father Lopez Catholic High School is not responsible for the safety, control and possession of any personal phone brought onto our campus.