Guidance and College Planning

Guidance Dept.
The Guidance Department at Father Lopez Catholic High School offers services to assist students with issues that may arise during their four years of high school.  All counselors have earned a Master’s degree in Counseling or Curriculum and Instruction. Students may see their guidance counselor for: academic counseling, scheduling, college counseling, mental health counseling, and career guidance.


Director of Counseling & Student Wellness
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist LMT 3799
Megan Meneough
Guidance Counselor
Kim Batley
Graduation requirements must be completed while enrolled at FLHS. Requirements include the following:
  • Theology 4 credits
  • English 4 credits
  • Math (Alg 1, Geometry +2 above) 4 credits
  • Science (Biology and Chemistry)  3 credits
  • World History 1 credit
  • American History 1 credit
  • American Government .5 credit
  • Economics .5 credit
  • Foreign Language 2 credits
  • Performing, Fine or Practical Arts 1 credit
  • Personal Fitness .5 credit
  • PE Elective .5 credit
  • Elective Courses 4.5-5.5 credits
Total: 28 Full Credits
Along with 100 hours of Community Service
A student who transfers to Father Lopez from another school in which Theology was not taught must earn credit in Theology for every semester in attendance at Father Lopez.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an accredited online learning school. Students must register at FLVS courses may incur a cost to the families of around $300. If your student receives a state funded scholarship, please check with guidance before signing up for an FLVS course.


Students may take one of the following as pass/fail on FLVS:

  • Personal and Family Finance
  • Drivers Ed
  • HOPE/PE or any Physical Education course


If you want to utilize the pass/fail option, you must complete the pass/fail form with your guidance counselor prior to starting the class. Any other course taken through FLVS must be taken for credit.

Returning students will meet with a guidance counselor to select their courses for the next school year. Though our master schedule is designed each year based on student needs and requests, at times an irresolvable conflict may occur. Please review the Course Catalog under the Academics tab. 
Students are encouraged to make careful decision when placing their course requests. Schedule changes are limited and are completed on a necessary basis. Changes may occur if classes are duplicated or previous taken, if a course level is deemed too high or low for a student, based on the instructor. Schedule changes are only possible if there is space available in the newly requested course. Students who use the parent override must have administrative approval for a course change. 

Have you:

  1. Finalized your ACT/SAT Scores
  2. Determined your "dream schools", "target schools" and "safe schools"
  3. Visited Colleges
  4. Obtained and filled out college applications
    1. You can find these under the admission or undergraduate tabs on the college or university webpages
    2. Common App
      1. What is it? A college application that allows you to choose multiple schools to apply for by using one application. Not all schools use the common app. 
      2. View the Common App Here
  5. Bright Futures App Here
  6. Prepared your resume
    1. Brief yet thorough
    2. One page only
    3. Provide valid and reliable contact information (name, address, email, phone number)
  7. Written the requested essay
  8. Compiled an Activities Page
  9. Ask teachers for letters of recommendation
    1. Please allow for 10-14 days for letters to be written
    2. Must request through SCOIR
    3. Provide whomever is writing information about you. Your resume, activities page
  10. Request transcripts to be sent on SCOIR
  11. Gather all paperwork and mail
  12. Applied for additional scholarships
  13. Completed your FAFSA
Attending college can be a big decision for anyone. Below is information that might be helpful as you begin the search and application process and better assist you in making confident choices about your post-secondary plans. As always, if you need more information or have specific questions, please see your counselor.
What are colleges looking for?
  • Competitive ACT/SAT Scores
  • Rigorous high school courses
  • GPA
  • Community service
  • Leadership
  • Activities and membership in school events/clubs
  • Essay response
When are the admission deadlines?
  • Admission deadlines vary. 
    • Our suggestion is to make a list of your "dream schools", your "target schools" your "safe schools"
    • Once your list is made, get on their websites and look at admission deadlines and mark your calendar
College Visits at Lopez
  • Colleges will schedule days to visit the Lopez campus. These meetings occur during lunch. Utilize this time to ask questions and get information regarding those schools.
  • If you are interested in a specific college visiting the school, please let Mrs. Batley know and they will do their best to  schedule it.
College Visits to Schools
  • Juniors and Seniors can make arrangements for college visits. These visits must be made at least one week in advance using the admission website of the college you are interested in visiting. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to set college visits for non-school days. If you are missing school to attend a college visit you will need to forward your admission visit information email (make sure dates are listed) to [email protected]. Students should not miss more than three (3) times a school year for college visits. 
    • upon returning to school, the student MUST provide official verification form the college visit. This is a note on the institutions official letterhead and it must state your name and date you attended the visit. Please return this form the first day you return back to Lopez or via email. Those who do not provide official documentation will not be awarded a College Visit Day.
    • Athletes attending an official or unofficial visit should forward your invitation/confirmation to [email protected].
      • The coach or admission office should be able to supply you a letter verifying your visit to campus. Please provide this to the attendance office or email to [email protected]. 
Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  • Application available October 1
  • Deadline to complete the application is May, 2023.
  • What is the FAFSA and should I complete this for my student?
    • The FAFSA will help determine the aid that you will be given for the college you choose to attend. It does not matter the level of your family's income, be sure to complete this application. Completing the application will outline your students eligibility for aid, grants, work-study, and loans.
  • Do you need assistance completing the FAFSA?
    • Click Here for assistance
  • What is an FSA ID? How do I create an FSA ID?
    • An FSA ID is a required username and password that is used to access certain U.S Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID is used to identify you when accessing financial aid information and also used to electronically sign your Federal Student Aid documents.
    • Click Here to create your FSA ID
Alumni transcripts and education verification are available through this 24-hour online provider: Please allow 10 business days for processing.