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A Valued Education since 1959
Thank you for considering a gift of stock to help benefit our school and the students we serve. We encourage gifts of stock directly from your brokerage, since it is the fastest and easiest way to give stock. The Diocese of Orlando provides assistance in this process at no charge to our school or to the donor.
To make a gift of stock to Father Lopez Catholic High School, simply follow these two steps.
  1. Write or phone your broker authorizing them to transfer xxx number of “XXX Security” in kind to the diocesan Fidelity Investments account at:
The Diocese of Orlando
DTC #0226
Acct. # X62-097373
Federal Employer Identification # 59-1215378
Note: Shares should be transferred in “Cash” not “Margin”.
  1. Please contact (or have your broker contact) Ms. Susan Hunt so that she may identify the stock as coming from you. She will prepare the acknowledgement to send to you for tax purposes. She may be reached via email at or by phone at 407.246.4803 or by fax at 407.246.4939.
Note: Please advise Ms. Hunt that this gift is being made to Father Lopez Catholic High School. Your gift to THE LOPEZ FUND will benefit every student, every day at Lopez.
If you are interested in transferring shares held in certificate form, please contact Ms. Hunt for the forms needed or go to  to download the Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power form and the Deposit of Securities form. Please send the competed forms to Ms. Hunt at the following address. Do not sign the stock certificate.
The Diocese of Orlando
Attn: Susan Hunt
P.O. Box 1800
Orlando, FL 32802-1800
Just a reminder…in order to take full advantage of the tax laws surrounding the gifting of appreciated securities, remember that the shares must have been held by you for at least one year. The Diocese provides this stock transfer program as a service to our school and does not charge a handling fee of any kind. Always consult a tax professional before making a decision to donate shares.
Thank you for thinking of Father Lopez and the students we serve. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.