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Pathway to College

Preparation for college begins during your freshman year of high school.  This brochure will walk you through the many important factors to consider along the way.  At Father Lopez Catholic High School, we want you to be successful in all aspects of life.  We want you to achieve your goal of attending college.  You will find the path to college much smoother if you follow the advice of your guidance counselors and teachers.

Freshman Year

It is never too early to plan for the future!

Getting into the college of your choice depends on three things:

1. Your cumulative GPA (all grades from freshman, sophomore and junior year)

2. Your SAT and/or ACT scores

3. Your resume (a list of your activities)

¨ It is important to start your high school career with a foundation of good grades.

¨ Use a planner to track your assignments and projects.  Be sure to plan out your week around activities.  Planner can be electronic or paper.

¨ Be sure to ALWAYS complete homework on time and study daily for each class.

¨ If necessary, meet with your teacher for additional help.

¨ Become involved in extra-curricular activities and community service.

¨ Research career possibilities.

¨ Talk with your parents about your strengths and weaknesses which are key in helping you decide upon a college major.

¨ Create a 4 year plan.  This is the best way to make sure you have all of your credits and take the classes you want to take.  You will want a similar plan as you enter college to graduate on time.


Sophomore Year

Concentrate on academic preparation and co-curricular interests.

¨ Start with good grades and continue good study habits.

¨ Start researching colleges. Try using

¨ Ask your parents to set boundaries for college.  How far away is too far?

¨ Build strong academic and critical thinking skills by taking courses that are comfortably challenging for you.

¨ Create a high school resume.

              A record of your academic honors, co-curricular activities, employment, and volunteer work.  Sample available FLCHS Guidance Dept.

¨ Colleges like to see if you are deeply involved in a few activities rather than sparsely involved in many activities.  They look for demonstrated leadership and commitment.

¨ All sophomores at FLCHS will take the PSAT in preparation for their Junior year.

¨ Do a couple of college visits in the summer or over spring break.

¨ Build a relationship with your guidance counselor.

¨ Continue to research career options and consider possible college majors that will help you achieve your career goals.  What can I do….


Junior Year

  Colleges will judge you based on your GPA through junior year.

¨ Maintain good grades in comfortably challenging classes.

¨ Consider Junior Job Shadow day.  This is an excellent way to get a little experience in your field of interest before committing to it in college.

¨ Consider participating in a summer program (e.g., engineering camp).

¨ Update your resume.

¨ Set a meeting with Guidance between November and May to make sure you are properly prepared for the college application process.

¨ Attend College Planning (TBD)

¨ Take the PSAT in October.  Doing well on the PSAT provides a chance to receive college scholarships.

¨ Use the online PSAT results as a college/career information resource.

¨ Use our PSAT results to prepare for the real SAT.  This can be done online using the code on your results sheet.

¨ Continue college visits.

¨ Take the SAT and ACT during the second semester of junior year. Some highly selective colleges require the SAT subject tests as well.

¨ Consider doing another job shadow over the summer for a different filed of interest.

¨ Stay organized with college information.


Senior Year

  You’re off to great places!

¨ Be prepared to apply to college as early as July 1.

¨ Most students apply to 3-5 colleges.  It is important that the colleges you choose to apply to have been thoroughly researched by you and your parents.  You should fit well socially, financially and academically.

¨ Retake the SAT and/or ACT if needed.

¨ Keep your grades up!

¨ Watch for scholarship information.

¨ See your guidance counselor frequently for help with applications and other college related questions.

¨ File the FAFSA form for financial aid as early as October 1.

¨ May1 is the National Notification date. You must commit to the college of your choice by this date.