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How do students submit community service hours?

Students must fill out this form. If the service was completed at Father Lopez, the students arestill required to complete and turn in the documentation. Once the paperwork is signed by the individual supervising the work, the students can either turn the form into their theology teacher or the Director of Campus Ministry.

When can they start counting their service hours?

Students may start counting service hours after they have completed 8th grade.

How can I see my student’s community service hours on ParentsWeb?

If you would like to view the total number of hours documented for your child, log into ParentsWeb and follow these three steps:

Select Family Information

Highlight Parent Name under “My Profile”

Select the Service Hours Tab

How many hours are students required to complete?


For the Year            Total to Date


     15                                   15


     20                                   35


     25                                   60


     40                                  100


What if my student is a transfer student?

If your student transferred to Father Lopez any time after the first semester of freshman year, the student is  not held responsible for the previous year’s requirements. However, we encourage all students to work towards a minimum of 100 hours to satisfy the Bright Futures 100% requirement. You can find the adjusted requirements below.


Transferred in:

For the year               To Graduate

2nd  Semester Freshman Year

     7.5                                92.5

1st Semester Sophomore Year

     20                                   85

2nd  Semester Sophomore Year

     10                                   75

1st Semester Junior Year

     25                                   65

2nd Semester Junior Year

   12.5                                52.5

1st Semester Senior Year

     40                                   40

2nd Semester Senior Year

     20                                   20


Can donations count towards community service?

Donations cannot count towards community service. They can, however, count towards Family Service Requirements. Please see the Student Requirements page for more information.

Can I complete hours for my student?

Only students are able to complete hours towards their community service requirements. However, both parents and students are able to complete hours towards the Family Service requirement. Please see the Student Requirements page for more information.

What if my student wants to complete their hours at a for-profit organization?

If your student would like to complete their hours at a for-profit organization, the student must turn in a Community Service Proposal form. This will then be reviewed by the Theology Department to determine if the service completed meets requirements. This service should fall under either category of Corporal or Spiritual Works of Mercy.