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A Valued Education since 1959

As a Catholic, coeducational high school, Father Lopez follows the strong traditions of the Catholic school system in America. We exist to give our students the opportunity to be educated in all of the arts, sciences and technology at our disposal. We challenge them to take the various gifts with which they have been blessed and use them to the best of their ability. This takes place in the midst of a Catholic community of caring, fellowship and support that is based on the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, as Son of God and Savior of all, is at the core of our mission and our reason to be. All students attending Father Lopez will learn the tenets of the Catholic faith and the words of Scripture in their academic Theology classes; experience the prayer life and liturgy of the Church at our communal celebrations; and, be given the opportunity to live the love of their neighbor in many service projects. This is all done in an atmosphere of understanding and respect for the diversity of our student body and our world. We strive to live up to our call to be like Jesus--welcoming all in kindness and friendship, while serving each human person with humility and love, trying to change the world into a place of peace and justice for all