A Valued Education since 1959
  Name Title Group Contact
Alexander Allende Allende, Alexander Guidance and College Planning Counselor Ext. 313
Reynaldo Almeida Almeida, Reynaldo Social Studies Instructor
Sarah Anderson Anderson, Sarah Social Studies Instructor
Katherine Blais Blais, Katherine Enrollment/Student Activities Ext. 312
Lisa Blais Blais, Lisa Fine Arts/Global Studies Instructor Fine Arts Department
Samantha Blakely Blakely, Samantha Athletic Trainer Ext. 331
Anabel Borbón Borbón, Anabel World Language/ESOL
Cynthia Brennan Brennan, Cynthia Executive Assistant to the President Ext. 304
Noah Cabiac Cabiac, Noah Dept. Chair/Science Instructor Science Department
Catharine Colwell Colwell, Catharine Science Instructor
Carlos Cortes Cortes, Carlos Technology Services Coordinator Admin
Janet Crane Crane, Janet Bookkeeper Ext. 308
Becky Crowe Crowe, Becky Incoming Director of Guidance Ext. 303
Mary Kate Curry Curry, Mary Kate Theology Instructor
Patricia Dailey Dailey, Patricia Assistant Principal Admin - - -
Anthony Detente Detente, Anthony Transportation Coordinator 386-846-6968
William Donlon Donlon, William Social Studies Instructor
Scott Drabczyk Drabczyk, Scott Athletic Director Ext. 341
Katelyn Fisher Fisher, Katelyn English/Language Arts Instructor
Jane Fountain Fountain, Jane Math Instructor
Marie Gallo-Lethcoe Gallo-Lethcoe, Marie Director of Mission Effectiveness/Theology Dept. Chair & Instructor Theology Department Ext. 309
Deborah Gamble Gamble, Deborah Front Desk Secretary
Nancy Gibbons Gibbons, Nancy Director of Advancement
Arthur (Ray) Gibbs Gibbs, Arthur (Ray) Facilities Manager Ext. 322
Charlotte Gribbin Gribbin, Charlotte Theology Instructor
Jeremy (Bo) Hall Hall, Jeremy (Bo) Assistant Athletic Director Ext. 337
Christy Hazlewood Hazlewood, Christy World Language Instructor
Erin Hunter Hunter, Erin Office Support
Jennifer Jacobsen Jacobsen, Jennifer Controller Ext. 306
Kelly-Anne Johnson Johnson, Kelly-Anne Math Instructor
Charles King King, Charles Science Instructor
Matthew Knauss Knauss, Matthew Social Studies Instructor
Pasquale (Pat) La Morte La Morte, Pasquale (Pat) President/Principal - - -
Kenneth Lane Lane, Kenneth English/Language Arts Instructor
Shaina Lilly Silliker Lilly Silliker, Shaina Theology Instructor
Valerie Mann-Grosso Mann-Grosso, Valerie World Language Instructor
Tina Mathews Mathews, Tina Social Studies Instructor Ext. 313
Edward Miller Miller, Edward Dept. Head/English Instructor English Department
David Peterson Peterson, David Bus Driver/Concessions
Megan Rinyu Rinyu, Megan Science Instructor
CaraJean Robertson Robertson, CaraJean English/Language Arts Instructor
Teresa Schwarz Schwarz, Teresa English/Language Arts Instructor
Diana Sclafani Sclafani, Diana ESE/Resource Ext. 318
Juliet Simmons Simmons, Juliet Science Instructor
John Stanberry Stanberry, John Bus Driver/Concessions
Leigh Svajko Svajko, Leigh Principal x504
Darla Tedesco Tedesco, Darla Dept. Chair/Social Studies Instructor Social Studies Department
Jamie Wade Wade, Jamie ESOL Instructor/Int'l Student Liaison Ext. 324
Rebecca Westcott Westcott, Rebecca Dept. Chair/ World Language Instructor Foreign Language Department
Gordon White White, Gordon PE/H.O.P.E Instructor
Heather Wolynic Wolynic, Heather Media Arts/Yearbook Instructor
Steven Zelenty Zelenty, Steven Math Instructor